Peter is a white goat.

John is a black goat.

They live together in a little house in the big woods and eat things.

Things they eat:

Things they do not eat:

In the winter John and Peter grow thick wool to keep themselves warm. In the spring Peter sheds his wool, and I cut John’s wool off. They both like to eat each other’s wool. They do not like their own wool to be pulled off. I want to take their wool before it is eaten. We all fight very often.

When the goats first arrived, the fence around the house and garden was not completed. The goats liked this and they would sleep on our doorstep. But then we finished the fence, and the goats were cast out of the garden and forced to sleep in a little house far away from the humans. This made them very sad, but at least they could still lay on the back door step and eat the door trim. But then we put a fence around that too. Now the goats are shut out from about the house, and they can not come near the abode of the humans.

Last updated on: Sat, Sep 5, 2015