Physical Creations

In addition to making things virtually, I also interact with the physical world

Cover slip boxes

Glass boxes with microscope cover slips. Glass Boxes

Pine nut mice

Small mice out of pine nuts, date pits, and silver wire. Desk with mice it


The proportions didn’t turn out quite as I had expected. Brass Mouse standing up. Parts of the Brass Mouse before being assembled.


Brass cat Brass cat

Wooden cat

Cherry wood cat. Wooden Cat

Enameled frog

Brass frog with enamel paint. The eyes are the base of LEDs. Enameled Frog

Book - Steel boards, brass corners, laptop hard-drive magnet


Lycoris radiata, unpainted - aluminum, music wire

Lycoris radiata

Winged hair clip - carbon fiber, kevlar thread, gold leaf, enamel paint

Gold leaf is structurally quite weak. Paint is likewise weak. Here the gold leaf is reinforced using both kevlar thread and loose fibers bound together with paint and sandwiched with additional gold leaf, achieving a reasonable strong and lightweight material in the desired shape. winged hair clip incomplete winged hair clip painted

Flower - brass with enamel paint

blue and red flower

Last updated on: Wed, Sep 16, 2015